Hey there, I'm Eden Conrad
(née Carlsen-Rousselle).

I'm a multi-disciplined workaholic graphic designer & operations manager.

Energetic, passionate, and always doing something big. That’s me.

I’ve been building web sites since I was nine. I’ve been designing logos since I was 14. I was a youth ambassador at 15. I took my first corporate leadership position at 24, and I have no plans on slowing down any time soon. I’m career-focused, passionate and always looking for the next ‘big project’ to get me inspired.

My formal education is as a graphic designer, but my trade is operations management. Whether it’s day-to-day operations for small teams, sales forecasting, content generation for multiple channels, AR/AP accounting, or developing e-commerce web sites, I’ve done it. I’ve thrived on it. And I’m always ready for the next challenge.

When I’m not in the office — and let’s be honest, it isn’t that often — you’ll find me volunteering with girls’ leadership groups like Job’s Daughters International, or non-profit organizations like KidSport, staying active (obstacle courses like Tough Mudder are a favorite), or checking out the newest craft brewery.

The little details are what transform any project, campaign, or company from average to unforgettable. They are are what takes your reputation to unparalleled heights, and gives you the opportunity to not just succeed, but to raise the bar.

Graphic design, product styling & package design
As a designer…

Beyond personal design projects and the occasional freelance contract in high school, I started my career with an internship with the award-winning Powell River Peak.

I graduated from the Art Institute of Vancouver (now LaSalle College) in 2009, with a focus on print & graphic design, where I was able to marry my skills on the screen to my skills with ink and paper. 

After graduation, I expended my web development skills by working more with server side languages, search engine optimization and copy writing. Understanding these elements have been critical in my career in ecommerce.

Design & development proficiency
Partnered Brands

When was the last time you had a leader that was passionate about growing your business, was excited by your product offering, delivered on their promises, and actually stuck around?

Management & accounting proficiency
Microsoft Office
Public speaking
Training & onboarding
Sage 50
As a leader…

If energetic is the first word that comes to mind to describe me, then dedicated has to be the second word.

I’ve worked with the same clients for more than a decade. I’ve been with the same group of companies since 2010. I volunteer with the same youth organizations I was a member of as a teenager.

Moreover, I’ve been in leadership roles going back to middle school. I’ve ran student councils. I’ve been a chairperson and a Keynote speaker. Taking a step further, I have been recognized as one brand’s trusted educator since 2015. I’ve been involved in training employees for eight years, and onboarding for five.

So ask yourself, when was the last time you had someone join your management team, and actually stay for more than two years?

Have an exciting project? Need a second opinion, a new vision, or some new blood? Get in touch and let’s chat.

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